Rice balls "Supplì"

Similar to the Sicilian arancino but created from the Roman culinary tradition, our "Supplì" is a delicacy to be savoured with your eyes closed, to capture all the genuine flavours and rich taste of the excellent ingredients used by Garbo. Our "Supplì", in fact, are prepared in the manner of Our Supplì are prepared as 'grandmother' would have it: Carnaroli rice with 100% Italian tomato sauce and meat sauce, stuffed with a stringy heart of mozzarella, encased in a light, golden breadcrumb coating. To be enjoyed every day.

Cooking Methods

forno cottura


10/15 minutes

padella cottura


5/7 minutes

supplì di riso cucinato catering
Disponibile nella versione senza glutine e senza lattosio

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